Best New Year Wishes To Friends, Supporters, and Collaborators of Wonderful Wheelchairs:

In 2023, with your help and support, we expanded our network of clients farther out into the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier regions of New York State.  We have even donated manual wheelchairs to Mexico and Ukraine!  We stockpile a wide variety of salvageable parts. Hundreds of pounds of batteries, metal parts, and electronic modules that cannot be reused are properly recycled each year to keep them out of the waste stream.  We presently have a large supply of rollators, manual and powered wheelchairs, and a more limited supply of power scooters.  

Thank You!

Greg, Lynn, Joe, Ron, Tom, Stan 😀

Missing from the picture below is Joe who took the photo.

 Email us at wwcith2@gmail.com or Call us at 607-444-2817

On site service hours in basement of Cayuga Nursing and Rehabilitation: Wed. and Fri., 9 - 11:30 

Manual Wheelchairs

A large assortment of standard, large, pediatric, companion, and other wheelchairs.

Power Chairs and Scooters

Power mobility chairs and power scooters in various sizes and purpose are available.

Walkers, Rollators, Specialized Equipment

Standard walkers and rollators with bench seats and storage.  Special purpose items. 

Join Us!  We need enthusiastic and talented volunteers of all ages to help us refurbish and recycle mobility equipment to assist the mobility challenged, reduce waste, and achieve sustainability.